Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Norman and Angela's Family

A day or two before we loaded our moving van and left Tennessee, I met Norman and Angela's family at a park near our homes.  They have three beautiful children: Troy, Savannah, and Declan, and an amazing story.

From Angela:  We didn't know what to name Declan but when we came upon his name, it just sounded perfect. One of the meanings is "man of prayer" and little did we know how pertinent it would be.

At five days old, Declan was diagnosed with PFO and VSD.  At 26 days old, he was diagnosed with infant heart failure.  Focus was merely to keep him alive till he was old enough and big enough to have heart surgery.  Just before the surgery, he came down with Paraflu, necessitating a delay in the surgery. This was when I met up with their family, as they were waiting for the surgery.

And now, not quite three months since his surgery, Declan is thriving.  He has gained three pounds.  He is off all of his (many and frequent) medications.  He won't need any further surgeries.

Declan has been bathed in his family's prayers.  So many miracles happened along the way that proved God's love and faithfulness to frail humanity.  To say that their family has grown in their faith of their Creator God during this time would be an understatement. 

Yet again, praising God for this little "man of prayer" and his faithful family.

* * * * *

Angela is sharing her family's blog here.  She welcomes you to follow their experience of life.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Family Additions

I've had the privilege of chronicling Baby Genevieve's family over the past two years, starting when Genevieve was just a few days old.  Now she is a big sister!  Just a few weeks before her baby brother was born, we met up in a pretty summer grove to capture the beauty of this phase of their family: her mommy's pregnant belly and the anticipation of meeting the new addition.

Praying God's blessings on your sweet growing family!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweet Pea

I am helplessly behind with blogging.  It's called, "too many things calling my name".  I am blessed to enjoy my life, dipping my fingers in multiple pots of color.  This, however, means that some pots get pushed to the back of the shelf for a time while others take center stage.  Thus the neglect here.

Some time ago, I was inspired to take some pictures of my daughter in my wedding dress.  (It's been fifteen years since I slid into this creamy silk gown to meet my groom at the end of the aisle!) Today I determined that I WOULD get these pictures taken.  And oh, am I so glad that I did!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boyds {Family Session}

Friends of our family's for many years, the Boyds have been missionaries on the other side of the world for a year now.  Darron travels to far-flung, remote villages by tiny plane and jungle canoe to share Jesus with our world.  Ruth stays home with four boys, homeschooling, providing medical care to their village, and learning how to survive in a third world country.  I greatly admire Ruth's courage and faith.

While home on furlough this summer, we were given the joy of spending snippets of time together here and there, relishing our friendships and sharing our hearts.  I am so glad that we live in an age with internet, otherwise the Boyd's would feel so much farther away than they do.  God bless you, Darron and Ruth, Aubrey, Andrew, Jacob and Nathaniel.  We are already looking forward to your next furlough!