Sunday, April 22, 2012

Graduate Portraits

I must confess, I am pretty happy with these pictures.  I've taken graduate portraits for five years now, starting out with a flash mounted on the top of my camera.  Through the years, my knowledge of my camera and equipment as well as understanding of lighting has grown tremendously.  Just last week, I bought an umbrella and stand, and figured out how to work it all with a radio remote.  The difference in ease of use and quality of picture was just shocking!  And let me tell you, the world of flash lighting just burst open.  Quite exciting!

Nathan stopped in to get his graduate portrait done today in all his regalia "duds", and when he was done, we tried it out on my little guy, who is graduating from Kindergarten in a couple of weeks.  Both "boys" are quite handsome, don't you think?  


Monday, April 16, 2012

Nathan {Graduate Session}

Nathan.  How do I tell you about him?  He's the Weather Man.  He's Supernate, the Geocacher.  He's Neighbor Nate.  . . .  He is always busy enjoying life, be it chasing down geocaches (logging nearly 6400 finds), studying hard (broadcast journalism), or tracking the weather and making sure everyone is safe in all our crazy tornadoes.  His long-term goal is a degree in broadcast meteorology, and let me be the first to recommend him for whatever job he pursues!  Nathan is responsible for entertaining my kids around a bonfire or at a picnic on his back porch.  He has helped untangle a bike from under my car on a crazy morning when I was late for church.  Nathan is just the kind of guy you want as a friend and neighbor, and we are blessed to have both in him.    








Nathan, I wish you well as you finish your last few weeks of college, and as you look forward to wherever God leads you in your future.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

James and Ashley {Engagement}

  James and Ashley asked me some time ago to capture their engagement, but it has been UGLY in our part of the world.  Rain and winter just would not let up.  They wanted an outdoor session, in some fields, with a barn, and some sunshine.  So we waited.  Finally, Spring arrived, and we headed out.  And what a perfect day it was!  James has an old Ford truck that he has rebuilt, and it, along with his cowboy hat just totally set the tone for our session.  








I wish you well in this time of anticipation and planning, James and Ashley!  I pray your years together will be many, and your love always content in each other.