Thursday, October 7, 2010

J & J Wedding

J & J got married at Fillauer House grounds.  It's a historic site, and is simple and beautiful at the same time.

Some of my favorite shots from J & J's wedding day:

 An explanation may not be needed for this one, if you know anything about five-year-old boys.  But I'll give it anyway.  The Bible Boy would not look at me for anything, would not smile, would not stand where anyone requested of him.  So we worked with what we could get.  When I suggested they all make faces, he was finally happy to oblige me.  What a little hoot!  I love five-year-old boys!  (Really, I'm being honest!)

The bridal party readied themselves in the old mansion.  Here the bride watches out the window with the flower girl. 

The bride and her attendants arrived in a carriage.  So dreamy.

 Always a touching moment to me, seeing the bride walk the aisle with her father:

Emotions were all over the place as the bride parted from her family.

 The reception was held outdoors on the back lawn of the mansion.  

Last words from Father-of-the-Bride, "Drive Safely".

It was a beautiful day, J&J!  I was honored to be your photographer.

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