Friday, June 8, 2012


Daisies dotted the valley floor of Cades Cove a few weeks ago.  I imagine they're still nodding their heads in the breezes.  Wanting to find a quiet place, my family and I split off the main loop road with our books and blankets, and pushed the tall grasses aside to lay down in the field.  We were not far enough off the road, apparently, as we soon became the next "sight" for all the tourists expecting to see a bear or other exotic animal.  Traffic started backing up as everyone craned their necks to see what the people in front were stopping to look at!  When they saw humans, they waved at us.  Oh, dear!  So we picked up our blanket and books and pushed farther back into the field, this time getting into the really tall grasses where we were more hidden from sight.  I would have loved to have had a bear suit to don.  It would have been quite the sensation, I'm certain.  :)

These daisies had me busy with my camera.  They were just so beautiful, yet so simple, and still complex at the same time.  I recently had learned of the Fibonacci Sequence, and here I was seeing it all over the place, in the face of every pretty daisy.  I think I inspected at least a hundred of them, awed at what I was seeing.  

I need a perpetual bouquet of these on my little desk in my living room.  They're just SWEET, don't you think?

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