Friday, November 19, 2010


My family has moved around a lot in life due to career choices of my father and my husband.  Seldom have I lived in one place long enough to develop much of a relationship with my neighbors.  But having lived here over four years now, I have been beyond blessed with the time for this to finally happen.  And we are surrounded by some wonderful neighbors!  One of them takes care of her grandson during the week days, and she called on me to get some pictures of him.  I was thrilled to do so!

Cameron is a man on the move!  Fortunately his grandmother has mastered the art of distraction, so I was able to run circles around him and continually get my camera in his way for a few shots while she directed his attention here and there.  What a busy guy he is!

Cameron wore this adorable coat and hat.  We went over to the university (again  --  I love this place!), and I trailed this mini scholar around the campus.

Thank you for such a fun time together!  

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