Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Walk in the Clouds

For months now, I have wished to drag myself out of bed at first light, grab my camera, and catch some photos in the early morning fog.  But because I love my bed so much in the early morning, and now, because I am liking the warmth of my house as the weather is turning cool, I have avoided this crazy desire.  Foggy mornings are not uncommon in my woods on the mountain, so I've worked hard to avoid this ethereal scene.

But one morning recently, I shook off that avoidance behavior.  And, happily, I dragged my family in on the "fun" by proclaiming we were going to take a walk in the clouds!  With screams of delight, my kids fell for this plan.  And my husband was extremely good-natured, which earns him major brownie points because I know this was the last thing in the world he really wanted to do.

Donning our warm dress coats, and boots for the kids, we trekked up the hill, truly in the midst of a foggy cloud. It was quite magical.  Despite my still-puffy eyes and all of our tousled bed-heads, I determined that this was worth a repeat.  The family isn't quite so sure, though, so I may take the next cloud-walk by myself.

Couldn't decide which of the following two I liked best.  This first one makes me think vintage, which I love:


  1. Love, love, love the walk in the clouds. Thanks for sharing. As for the family shot...gotta pick the one where you two are kissing and the kids are getting a kick out of it. Priceless.