Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowflakes and God

A light snowfall dusted our place on Sunday.  Below-freezing temperatures have guaranteed no snow melt.  Yesterday, my husband came in, exclaiming about the snowflakes that still clung to his car's windshield.  Excitedly, he grabbed the camera.  He spent the next half-hour shooting snowflakes, running back inside to thaw his trigger finger, and running back out to shoot some more.  As we reviewed the photos together back inside, our son proclaimed with astonishment, "I didn't know they really look like that!"

God left nothing out when He created our world!  Down to the tiniest snowflake full of the most intricate detail, He thought of it all!  And what a happy surprise to the human eye to see something like this!  


  1. Those are so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! (And thanks to David for freezing his "trigger finger", lol!) :) You're right--God is truly amazing.--wendy smith

  2. Nice shots, Dave! God is awesome!

  3. Beautiful! Award winning! We forget that they really are so incredibly made!!!!! Thanks for the inspirational reminder.