Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trevor {Senior Session}

I love my job!  There is so much variety in life, and I love experiencing it!  This session did not disappoint. 

I met Trevor, and literally five minutes later I was being licked profusely by his massive Plott hunting dog while attempting to capture Trevor with his new hunting puppy, Cache (a Walker).  I was laughing so hard I couldn't see straight through my camera, and upon removing it from in front of my face, I saw not one Plott, but three!  Their tails were wagging in my view finder and slapping me on the neck.  Trevor's puppy had all the energy that any 6-month-old has, and really enjoyed her master's attention and did her best to let him know.  Cache is Trevor's special friend, and he is training her to hunt with him.   For the first part of the session, we tromped through his family's property,  which was torn to shreds by the tornadoes in April.  His mother pointed out the damage their house sustained, and my eyes took in the gravity of their property's damage as well.  Trevor and I climbed over tree limbs and tromped through the mud.  He did his best to ward off the big dogs from the pictures while calming his puppy.  --  Not an easy task!

I think I made Trevor break all kinds of gun "etiquette" rules by having him aim his gun at my lens.  He refused to do so at first, but after making sure all locks were in place, he finally obliged.  I don't think I'll be asking very many people to do such things.  I appreciated his caution.

The last half of the session we spent at an old run-down mill.  What a great place!  Trevor really enjoyed it here, and tried every door to see if he could get in.  It is truly a curious person's playground!  

Trevor, I wish you all the best as you're finishing high school.  And much luck with training your sweet puppy!

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