Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Genevieve 1 Year {Family}

It is a great privilege to have former clients of mine return for another photo session.  Jessica, Nathan, and baby Genevieve have repeatedly given me this joy during the course of Genevieve's first year of life.  I thought she was a perfect doll at her newborn session.  And she was.  I loved watching the wonder of this new creature in the eyes of Jessica and Nathan, and seeing how carefully they held and watched over her.  Then, at Genevieve's 3-month session, I saw personality appearing in this little doll, and a mommy and daddy who were much more comfortable with their not-so-tiny child.  

Now, at one year old, Genevieve is still just as precious.  She is a brand-new walker, still timid and tippy.  Her personality is set in fully, and she brings constant smiles to her mom and dad.  She is adored, as all children deserve to be.  It is lovely to see and very special to me to capture.   




Thank you, Nathan and Jessica, for bringing Genevieve back and allowing me to capture these glimpses of her first year of life.

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