Sunday, April 22, 2012

Graduate Portraits

I must confess, I am pretty happy with these pictures.  I've taken graduate portraits for five years now, starting out with a flash mounted on the top of my camera.  Through the years, my knowledge of my camera and equipment as well as understanding of lighting has grown tremendously.  Just last week, I bought an umbrella and stand, and figured out how to work it all with a radio remote.  The difference in ease of use and quality of picture was just shocking!  And let me tell you, the world of flash lighting just burst open.  Quite exciting!

Nathan stopped in to get his graduate portrait done today in all his regalia "duds", and when he was done, we tried it out on my little guy, who is graduating from Kindergarten in a couple of weeks.  Both "boys" are quite handsome, don't you think?  


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