Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adam and Alicia {Couples}

As I watched Adam and Alicia through the lens of my camera, I couldn't help but be touched by their young married love.  There is just something so special and so comfortable in marriage.  Alicia is clearly content in her husband's love, and Adam is equally as satisfied in Alicia's love.  They had asked me to capture this romance in commemoration of their soon-to-be-celebrated first anniversary.

A Contented Love

A gentle contentment invades my heart,
And begins a start toward peace.
Changes dull mood, lightens my mind, reaches
Down into my soul, parting
Me from previous darkness, and it spreads
Deep happiness, wraps smiles of bright
Colour around my day, holds me tightly
In its spell as it readies me
For love, which I know will increase and flood
My cold blood, giving me ardour
From which until now I've been locked and barred.
Gentle contentment feels lovely.

~Fay Slimm

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