Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heather {Senior Session}

Heather is a fun and lively person.  Her quick wit always makes me laugh.  She is enrolled as a senior this year, and is also taking some college classes, as well as working multiple jobs:  playing the organ, working for the transportation department at the local university, and doing baby-sitting.  Oh, and besides playing the organ, she also plays flute and guitar, and is in multiple singing groups.  Anything else, Heather???  I think she would be categorized as a "well-rounded" young adult.  :)  

Here she is with her boyfriend, Wesley:


I don't know many guys who WANT to have their pictures taken.  Wesley was a great sport, though, quietly obliging us.  Keep it up, Wesley!  :)

The remainder of Heather's and my time together was at the railroad tracks.  What a lot of fun!  The tracks were fairly active, which jived well with our plans.  

Thanks, Heather!  I had a wonderful afternoon following you around and being serenaded by your guitar.  You are a beautiful lady.  


  1. All I can see is the train coming straight toward you! Beautiful pictures, and I'm glad no one got squashed. :)

  2. These are so beautiful and creative!